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JANUARY 2017 - Pantomime

Another great success for the group when we staged our annual Pantomime in January this year.

Almost 400 people came to see our production. The audience were in good voice with plenty of the traditional “boos and hisses” and judging by their comments at the end of the evening a good time was had by all.

MAY - The Ghost Train ……

…. is a theatre comedy suspense thriller, written in 1923 by the English actor and playwright Arnold Ridley. Well known to many for his part in the TV series ”Dad’s Army” where he played the character Private Godfrey

The story centres upon the social interaction of a group of railway passengers who have been stranded at a remote rural station overnight who are increasingly threatened by a latent external force, with a reveal denouement ending.

We are pleased to be able to report that our production of “The Ghost Train” was a a great sucess with our audience. Many believe this was probably one of our best productions to date. The production tested both our acting and technical skills, but in the end we were very proud of the four performances staged. No doubt this production further enhanced our reputation for a quality production in the area.

JUNE  - “Just a Masterpiece”…

.... was a collection of sketches put directed by a collaboration of Beth Rutter and Monica Griffin.

Monica is one of our original members who has acted and directed my production for H.A.T.S. for many years. For this production she coached 6 of the younger members to stage a short sketch with a delightful  unaccompanied song to finish off their contribution to the evenings events.

Beth is one of our older group who bravely chose to steer the older teens along the path to the performance. For the evening she wrote to pieces and then directed one and then acted and performed herself in the second.

All in all a varied evening of youth theatre which was well received by an appreciative audience .