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Haslington Amateur Theatrical Society 

H. A. T. S organisation & management

Anyone that can meet the minimum age requirement can join H.A.T.S. If you are over 18 years of age you are eligible to stand for election to the general committee. This group then elects, from its number, officers to manage the group.

For the Season 2016/2017

Elected Officers:-

Chairman - Peter Threadgold

Vice Chairman  - John Campion

Secretary - Christine Marlow

Treasurer - Chris Banks.

General Committee Members :-

Monica Griffin                   Heather Dunn              Tracey Campion               Peter Lloyd

Jessica Thorley                 Charlotte Hopley         Connor Bellingham

Plus approximately another 30 made up of none committee and youth members. We also have a small band of none members the come along and lend a hand just for the fun of it......